How does it work?

Your teeth will initially be checked by a dentist to ensure they are suitable for whitening.

The process then involves taking impressions of your teeth, to fabricate accurate fitting custom whitening trays.

The whitening kit is designed to allow you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home in a gentle and safe manner.

You will be given a whitening gel to apply in your trays, which is then inserted over the teeth. 

The system we use is called Phillips Zoom! We use day white , which is a 30 minute application per day or night white , which  requires you to wear the trays while sleeping. The choice is yours.

The day white contains a 6% hydrogen peroxide ,while the night white contains 16% carbamide peroxide with both gels containing ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate). Phillips Zoom! is the only take home whitening system with ACP. This unique formula not only whitens your teeth , but also delivers enamel protection, reduces sensitivity and helps improve luster.

Optimum results can usually be achieved within 7-14 days, depending on the degree and type of discolouration.

Although teeth themselves whiten well, any fillings or crowns will remain the same colour and may need replacing to match the new lighter colour.

Unfortunately, daily habits such as drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking can lead to discolouration of your teeth over time. Regular dentist and hygienist visits in combination with using the trays as and when you need will ensure a healthy and a bright, white smile for life.

If you would like further information you can come to us for a FREE consultation.  

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Whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home

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