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General surgical and cosmetic dentists in Southampton Hampshire

How does it work?

At Thurlow we strive to deliver all levels of dentistry at the highest standard.  We provide the following treatments:

New patient examination (including x-rays) £115.00
Routine examination  £48.00
Extensive assessment for complex treatment plans from £275.00
(Include x-rays, clinical photos and articulated study-models)
Cosmetic consultations FREE
Small x-ray  £12.00
Panoramic radiograph  £50.00

Emergency appointments

During office hours   £75.00
After hours call out fee (excluding treatment) £145.00

Emergency phone line: 07387863532

Emergency phone line hours: weekdays 19.00pm - 20.00pm  week ends: 09.00am - 12.00pm

Children's Fees

Routine Examination:

Children Under 6 years old

6 years to 14 years old

15 years to 18 years

Students (18-20 years)


Milk tooth treatment

Adult tooth treatment

Fissure Sealants - prevention treatment against decay

Flouride Treatments - to strengthen teeth (upper and lower)

Hygienist - 20 minute Hygienist visit with oral hygiene instruction

Ortho extraction

One parent must be registered with the practice to enable us to see your child.








from £25.00 per tooth

50% of adult fees

from £10.00 per tooth



from £75.00 per tooth





Routine appointment (/30min)   £60.00
Treatment of periodontal disease (/hour) £200.00
Fluoride treatment (upper and lower)  £35.00


White fillings 

Cosmetic Anterior White Fillings

from £90.00 - £220.00

from £325.00

Porcelain fillings  from £550.00
Gold fillings from £650.00


Teeth Whitening £420.00

Crown/Bridge Unit

Porcelain bonded to metal  from £575.00
Porcelain crown (no metal)  from £650.00
Cosmetic cases/complex cases  from £700.00
Implant retained crowns from £700.00
Veneers from £650.00

Surgical treatment

Simple Extraction  £120.00
Complex extraction    from £175.00
Orthodontic extractions  from £75.00

Mouth Appliances

Retainer  £75.00

Adult Sports Mouth Guard   

Child Sports Mouth Guard



Night Guard or Occlusal Splint      from   £275.00


Full upper and lower acrylic dentures from £1300.00
Full upper or lower acrylic denture  from £750.00
Partial acrylic dentures from £550.00
Cobalt Chromium denture (metal)    from £950.00

Root canal treatment

Single canal  £285.00
2 canals    £350.00
3 canals or more from £465.00
Additional charges apply for Re-treatment of a Root Canal

Implant treatment

Implant placement, excluding implant post and crown (replacement of missing tooth):   from £1450.00
Implant post  from £350.00
Implant retained crown from from £700.00
Full arch fixed restoration with implants from from £12,000.00

Invisalign Treatment


Diagnostic records and treatment planning                                £125.00

Invisalign i7 ( 14 week treatment)                                           £2000.00

Invisalign Lite ( 28 week treatment)                                        £3000.00

Invisalign Full ( treatments longer than 28 weeks)                    £4000.00

Single arch treatments ( upper or lower jaw)                 from    £1700.00


Our Invisalign treatment include retainers at the end of your treatment


For 2018 the diagnostic records and treatment planning will be deducted once the treatment has been carried out.

Surgical Procedures

Initial Consultation £130.00
Follow Up Consultation £40-60.00
OPG xray  £50.00
Biopsy of tongue/ mouth/ lip  £485.00
Biopsy of skin lesion  £485.00
Removal of tooth/ teeth   £300.00
Enucleation of cyst £300.00
Excision of lesion of mouth/tongue/lip £580.00
Excision of skin lesion on face and neck   £580.00
Excision of lesion of Jaw  £580.00
Special Staining £59.00

Additional treatments are available. Please enquire if you would like any additional services.

Facial Enhancement Treatments

Line reduction treatment with botulinium toxin (i.e. Botox, Dysport)

 - first area (glabella/forehead/crows feet) - £145.00

 - second area - £95.00

 - third area - £95.00

All three areas at the same time - £335.00


Dermal filler treatment (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane) - £330.00 for first syringe of treatment

                                                                                         - £275.00 for consecutive syringes


Hyperhydrosis - Sweaty Arm Pits - £280.00 for both arm pits

Scalp sweating - £335.00



Red carpet treatment - £315.00

Maintenance protocol:

1st treatment - £295.00

2nd (4 weeks later) - £295.00

Then 6 monthly booster treatment - £295.00

Viscoderm Hydroboost:

1st treatment - £325.00

2nd treatement (only if required) after 4 weeks - £325.00

Loyalty cards available for return treatments

Please contact the practice to find out about current promotions on treatments

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