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The Art of Facial Aesthetics: Dermal Fillers and Line Reduction

Over time, facial shape and appearance change.  Facial aesthetic treatments enhance youthful appearance and reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles.  We consider your face a work of art, instead of a blank canvas we have a portrait to work with, and when creating smile makeovers we consider the face and mouth as a whole. 

Dysport, Azzalure®, botulinum toxin A, is the product we use for facial line smoothing, a treatment to revitalise wrinkled skin, leaving a fresh, youthful appearance. This product has been available since the 1990’s and has licenses in 67 countrys, including the UK and other European markets.

For our dermal fillers, we use a product called Juvederm® ultra.  This product gives your lips and surrounding area a fuller, enhanced look which gives instant results.  This is ideal for reshaping of or making fuller the lip area.

Profhilo® is an Exiting new skin remodelling treatment that will give you visible results in just 2 visits. This treatment is great for people wanting to combat ageing or tired looking skin. Profhilo® is easy to administer and takes only 10 minutes, with 5 targeted sites, or into area of concern. It stimulates different types of collagen and elastin due to the slow release of hyaluronic acid. It is this stimulation which is responsible for bioremodeling (regenerating itself), resulting in significant improvement of tissue quality.  It improves the the health of your skin, lifts and tightens the tissues and can be seen as a potential non-surgical facelift.

Profhilo® is a 100% natural product with no added chemicals. 

Treatment: There’s a 4 week interval between each treatment. The results from the Profhilo® treatment will most often last for up to six months, but results can differ for each individual. 

Whetheryou choose facial aesthetic treatments as part of a smile make over or a stand-alone treatment, you will be invited to become a member of our loyalty scheme.  Our loyalty scheme enables you to maintain a natural, revitalised look, increasing confidence and well being. The Thurlow loyalty card offers the following:

  • 10% off your third treatment
  • 15% off your sixth treatment
  • 25% off your ninth treatment


Free cosmetic consultation and further information available

- Dermal Fillers: from £330 for first 1ml of filler (Juvederm Ultra 3, Volbella, Volift), £275 for every consecutive 1ml or £140 for 0.5 ml of filler.

Treatments: Tear trough (under eye)


peri-oral lines

- Lip Augmentation: from £275 for first 1ml of filler (Juvederm Ultra 2, Volbella)£225 for every consecutive 1ml or £120 for 0.5 ml of filler.


- Line Smoothing: £145 for the first area, £95 per area thereafter

- Hyperhydrosis treatment - £280 for both arms

- Bruxism | Teeth grinding | Jaw clenching - £550 for initial treatment (split into 2 sessions)

£450 for maintenance treatments per session


100% pure Hyaluronic acid heat linked filler. To revitalise skin appearance and elastisity

- Redcarpet treatment - once off - full face treatment - £275.00

- Maintenance Treatment: Full face treatment

- First Treatment - £275.00

- Booster after 4 weeks - £275.00

- Every 5-6 monts thereafter  - £275.00 per treatment

- Area specific - £75.00 per mirrored left and right sides



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