Thurlo Dental News Feeds The latest news about Thurlo Dental. en-us Enigma RSS Feed Generator Patients Satisfaction Report Patient satisfaction reports. Good results! Thu 01 Jan 1970 Gift Vouchers Available Gift vouchers are available for a thoughtful birthday or special occasion. Thu 01 Jan 1970 The 'magical' Wand Fear of injections? Worry not. The Wand will change your perception of injections. Thu 01 Jan 1970 I enjoyed every single visit to my dentist Peter is a patient at Thurlow Dental Care, having just completed a course of treatment, replacing all his teeth with an implant system, he is thrilled and wants to share his story. Peter, age 75, has a real energy for life. He works full time as a road engineer and travels all around the South of England, keeping him young and active. Thu 01 Jan 1970 Why I decided NOT to travel abroad for my dentistry John Bailey a patient at Thurlow Dental and Facial Aesthetics in Horton Heath, like many other people was tempted to travel abroad for much wanted dental work that would change his life. Thu 01 Jan 1970 Opening my eyes to cosmetic dentistry I’ve been a patient at Thurlow Dental Care since 2004. My friend recommended the open evenings at Thurlow Dental Care, which I went along to. The evening was great, really informative and I was made to feel very welcome. I was extremely pleased as I won free teeth whitening in the prize draw! I was very impressed with the whole experience. Thu 01 Jan 1970 Silence your Snore Snoring is a common problem, around 40% of us snore and that increases to 60% in men over the age of 65. In certain cases snoring can affect lifestyle, partners can become tired and irritated and sleeping can become a problem.Thurlow Dental Care have introduced to their patients the SILENSOR, an anti-snoring device and experienced great success. Thu 01 Jan 1970 From nervous patient to confident smiler Every day we see or speak with nervous patients. Normally, people have had a bad experience as a child or just have not been to the dentist for years. At Thurlow, we invite patients to come to visit the practice either on an open evening, or at an arranged time to have a look around the practice. Dawn, a patient at Thurlow for three years, tells of her experience from a nervous patient, to building the confi dence to happily visit the dentist and to smile with pride. Thu 01 Jan 1970 Innovative technology has made me smile Thurlow Dental and Facial Aesthetics is one of only a few practices in the South to offer Noblebioguide, revolutionary new software to enhance your dental implant experience. The 3 Dimensional software enables us to see important features, such as bone quality and nerve ends. From this, we can make exact calculations to make your treatment more comfortable as a result. Treatment involves an initial consultation with the dentist,followed by a CT scan; the CT scan is combined with the software to provide the 3 Dimensional images of your bone and teeth structure. We can use the 3D images to design and manufacture your new teeth without a dental visit, shaving several weeks off your implant treatment. Thu 01 Jan 1970 Confidence to smile again with permanent tooth replacement When I was a child, the school dentist extracted two of my teeth. I was told if I didn’t have the extractions, I would have overcrowding in later life. In fact, in later life I ended up with a gap. Thu 01 Jan 1970 A Smile To Suit It’s a fantastic practice with growing cosmetic options Thu 01 Jan 1970 Replacing uncomfortable dentures with permanent teeth Thurlow Dental Care’s revolutionary implant software, provides a new system, ‘All-on-4’. A system which replaces a full upper or lower jaw denture, with four implants, with a full attachment of permanent teeth. Marianne is one of the fi rst to benefi t from this system and tells us of her journey to a better quality of life with permanent teeth. Thu 01 Jan 1970 Permanent replacement for missing teeth in one hour Missing teeth can be replaced in one hour at Thurlow Dental Care using dental implants. Less than 5% of dentists in the UK provide dental implants, a dental concept, which has been applied for over 40 years. Thu 01 Jan 1970