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Patients Satisfaction Report 13-Mar-2017

We have recently completed our 6 monthly patient satisfaction survey. We are pleased to say that the comments we recieved were very commendable. From the survey papers we found that the majority of our patients were extremely happy with the experience and services we offer at Thurlow.  We carefully listen to good and bad comments to ensure we offer our patients the best customer service. Thank you to all the patients who participated in our survey. 

Some comments:

"Extremely helpfull in all ways"

"Excellent practice, I always recommend"

"relaxed homely atmosphere"



Gift Vouchers Available 01-Jan-2016

For 2016 we continue to offer gift vouchers available for purchase. A gift voucher makes for a thoughtful birthday, christmas or special occasion gift.  Ideal for teeth whitening, cosmetic treatments or facial treatments.  Vouchers are available upon request. Please contact the team to find out more or order yours today on 02380 692653 or e-mail:

The 'magical' Wand 01-Jan-2016

At Thurlow we have been using the Wand system for the last 8 years. The Wand uses a small lightweight handpiece that resembles a pen.  The computer controlled system allows an even-flow delivery of anaesthetic in a very comfortable maner.

The Wand provides painless injections for all routine dental treatment, including root canals, crowns, fillings and cleanings.

Benefits of the Wand injection:

  • Does not look or feel like a syringe 
  • Significantly more comfortable
  • Greatly reduces anxiety
  • Can numb a single tooth without numbness of the lip, cheek or tongue
  • More of our patients prefer and ask for the Wand

Ask us at your next visit about the Wand and its benefits.


Visit The Wand Site Here

I enjoyed every single visit to my dentist 19-Mar-2010

Peter is a patient at Thurlow Dental & Facial Aesthetics, having just completed a course of treatment, replacing all his teeth with an implant system, he is thrilled and wants to share his story. Peter, age 75, has a real energy for life. He works full time as a road engineer and travels all around the South of England, keeping him young and active.

I learned of Thurlow Dental & Facial Aesthetics through attending one of their open evenings. I found the open evening extremely informative and a great way to meet the dentist, see the practice and learn of what could be achieved for me personally. I met Dr Justus Dirks at the open evening and he had the time to talk to me and answer my initial questions. I was very impressed with what could be done for me and booked my first appointment. 

I came to Thurlow with all my teeth missing. I’d been unhappy with my dentures for a long time. I’d visited three dentists and had several sets of uncomfortable dentures made, before finding Thurlow. I had experienced unsatisfactory service and spent a lot of money without having experienced the quality I have now achieved. 

Dr Justus Dirks recommended dental implants. We decided together a course of treatment, an implant retained prosthesis (unit of teeth) that fixes onto the dental implants. I‘ve had 3 implants placed in my upper jaw and four implants placed in my lower jaw. On the mornings of my treatment I was glad to be at the dentist and having the treatment done. Dr Dirks made me feel that confident! I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every single visit to the dentist. Dr Dirks always makes me feel welcome and he’s so reassuring. 

I’ve recommended my friends and family to Thurlow and my family think my new teeth are great! Dr Dirks has been marvellous! He has done an amazing job and I want to shout it out loud! I’m absolutely over the moon! My new teeth are beautiful, as was the service and the people at Thurlow. Dr Dirks did a marvellous job. I couldn’t eat a nice steak before, now I could eat a horse! I’m happier with my smile than ever before, I’m more confident and feel great. I think my smile is absolutely fantastic! 

We have regular open evenings at Thurlow Dental & Facial Aesthetics, which you are very welcome to attend.

If you would like to learn of the services we offer at Thurlow or would like to book a free cosmetic consultation, please call us on 02380 692653. 

Why I decided NOT to travel abroad for my dentistry 19-Mar-2010

John Bailey a patient at Thurlow Dental and Facial Aesthetics in Horton Heath, like many other people was tempted to travel abroad for much wanted dental work that would change his life.

'I wanted to have dental implants to replace my missing teeth as an alternative to uncomfortable dentures. I was particularly concerned, as I only had a few teeth left! Eating out was a nightmare and I felt that for my own confidence and peace of mind, a fixed tooth replacement, dental implants, was as close as I was going to get to have my own teeth again. I researched travelling abroad for the dental work, however, my own dentist explained that dental implants were a journey with decisions to make during the process and may involve several appointments. I thought it wise to do a comparison with a dental practice my dentist recommended, Thurlow Dental and Facial Aesthetics.

I attended an open evening to learn more about the practice, dentists and the dentistry offered and was impressed. I chose to have the treatment at Thurlow which I do not regret. Dr Justus Dirks was fantastic! He showed such attention to detail and I felt well informed throughout the whole process. Now the work is complete, I can fully understand the process and the choices I had to make with my dentist to make sure everything was perfect for me. I am ecstatic with the results, it really has changed my life!' 

Thurlow Dental and Facial Aesthetics offer FREE consultations to discuss cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery. To book an appointment please contact us on 02380 692653.

Our next open evening is Thursday 1st October, if you would like to attend, please book now to avoid disappointment as numbers are limited. 

Opening my eyes to cosmetic dentistry 19-Mar-2010

Shirley’s Story

I’ve been a patient at Thurlow Dental Care since 2004. My friend recommended the open evenings at Thurlow Dental Care, which I went along to. The evening was great, really informative and I was made to feel very welcome. I was extremely pleased as I won free teeth whitening in the prize draw! I was very impressed with the whole experience.

I have been a patient of Dr Justus Dirks at Thurlow Dental Care, for over 2 years. Whilst seeing Justus for my routine dentistry, my bridge became loose and subsequently came out. The bridge covered two teeth and was very old. First and foremost, Justus tried several times to save my bridge, he secured it several times and advised me that in the near future I would have to make some decisions: replace the bridge with a plate or have dental implants, permanent tooth replacement. I had the bridge secured on several occasions and realising that this would keep reoccurring, I came to a decision with the dentist that for me, dental implants would be the better choice. 

Before the treatment, the whole process was explained thoroughly. I was apprehensive about the implant treatment, however Gilly my nurse was absolutely fantastic. Both Gilly and Justus made me feel completely at ease, all apprehension went straight out the window. I was surprised I felt no pain at all having the implant placed. It takes three months for the implant to integrate with the bone, so I left the appointment with a ready-made plate with temporary teeth to fill the gap, which was mainly for cosmetic reasons. The implant teeth are then permanently placed after this time period. In the period that I wore the plate, I experienced how uncomfortable the plate was, and although I’m sure I would of gotten used to it, I knew that I had made the right choice in choosing an implant. The day after my treatment Gilly phoned to make sure I was feeling ok and that I had no problems. The after care was great. 

I didn’t realise how advanced dentistry has become. My eyes have been opened to the cosmetic options available, having experienced the teeth whitening and implant surgery I feel much more confident. I have found a new confidence with eating and smiling, I don’t worry about my teeth at all. I feel so pleased to have found such a friendly dental practice that really cares about my smile. 

Christmas Offer: Buy a teeth-whitening treatment and receive a FREE Sonicare toothbrush, as seen on TV.

Our patients receive £25 credit every time they recommend a friend or family member as a new patient to the practice. 

We have regular open evenings at Thurlow Dental Care, which you are very welcome to attend.

If you would like to learn of the services we offer at Thurlow Dental Care or would like to book a free cosmetic consultation, please call us on 02380 692653. 

Silence your Snore 19-Mar-2010

Malcolm’s Story

My wife introduced me to Thurlow Dental Care in November 2004. I was with an NHS practice that didn’t have the time to treat me as I now would expect. I thought their service was the norm but now I’m at Thurlow, I can see a huge difference. I’m certainly glad I made the move.

I’ve always had a peaceful nights sleep but my wife unfortunately has not. I have always snored and as I’ve got older, it’s got worse. I’ve tried many devices in the past without success and my GP had said that the next step for me would be to have an operation. I was in a situation where my wife was having disturbed sleep, which was affecting her life. Lack of sleep was affecting her day and night. When my dentist, Dr Dawie Jansen, at Thurlow Dental Care informed me of the SILENSOR, I was sceptical. I decided to take a risk and hoped it would work. 

My wife informs me it has made a great difference, particularly to the intensity and volume of my snoring. I still make the odd noise but not like a train! I’d say my snoring has gone from a 10 to a 2-3, if I do snore it’s a very light noise. My wife assessed the SILENSOR over a ten day period. Not one night did I snore as before. My wife thinks it’s great! She’s very happy and gets a good nights sleep at last! 

I have found the SILENSOR easy to use. I put the SILENSOR in just before I go to sleep. At fi rst it seemed a bit strange, but now I don’t even notice it. The SILENSOR works, because when you sleep, your lower jaw drops back and closes the windpipe. The SILENSOR maintains an open airway, therefore, aiding breathing. 

I’ve experienced an extra benefit as sometimes I grind my teeth at night, which would sometimes wake my wife. Wearing the SILENSOR, you are no longer able to do this. My dentist had warned me if I continued grinding, I would eventually grind through to dentine. 

I feel the dentist did an excellent job with his careful moulding and precision. I also felt he was very encouraging and supportive. 

I found Thurlow Dental Care to be very welcoming. They always put me at ease and have a great team. I’d say to anyone, ‘if snoring is a problem for you, certainly give it a go, if snoring is a BIG problem, then go for it!’ 

The silensor consists of two transparent splints, one for the upper and lower jaw. The lower jaw is held in a predetermined position by two connectors that are fixed laterally to the splint causing the pharyngeal space to open up. The velocity of the inspired air decreases and so do noise-generating vibrations of soft tissues. With the SILENSOR small movements of the jaws are possible which makes the SILENSOR a comfortable and effective snoreguard. Clinical tests have shown that the anteriorization of the lower jaw reduces snoring by 90% and may reduce the apnea (respiratory arrest during asleep) index at up to 50%. 

If you are interested in the SILENSOR or would like to learn more, please call us on 02380 692653 and we will book you a free consultation to discuss this with a dentist at Thurlow Dental Care. 

From nervous patient to confident smiler 19-Mar-2010

Dawn’s Story About three years ago, my husband joined Thurlow and was really pleased. As I felt particularly nervous of the dentist, following him made sense as he’d had such a great experience. The minute I came into the practice I felt completely at ease. When Justus, my dentist talked to me he was reassuring and very gentle. When completing my examination, I immediately noticed he had a different work manner to my previous dentist, a big improvement. 

Having decided on a treatment plan with Justus, I decided to replace my crowns first as the crowns I had were old and yellow. Having had my crowns replaced, I built the confidence up to have an implant that was necessary to close a gap, and keep my other teeth in place.  On the morning of my implant treatment, I must admit, I was nervous! My husband said to me 'if you have experienced no pain to date with Justus, why do you think you will having an implant' John was right! The treatment was painless and I certainly wouldn’t be nervous having another!  I was so pleased with the results, as before my teeth appeared worn and I did not feel confident showing them. I used to try to keep my lip down when smiling, now I smile all the time! One of the biggest benefits was loosing an uncomfortable denture. 

I would say to anyone who is unhappy with their smile or their smile causes discomfort, go for it! Don’t worry about the costs, it’s worth it to smile and laugh a lot more! People around me certainly notice a difference.  I feel completely at ease when I visit. I feel like I’ve known Justus forever, I talk to him like a friend or family member. I continue to experience great patient care and flexible appointments. If anyone is a nervous patient, I would definitely recommend Thurlow. The whole team have been so helpful and helped me to fully understand my treatment.  All my family and friends are patients at Thurlow. I used to hate the dentist, now I have no troubles!” 

You are welcome to visit Thurlow either at an open evening, or for an informal visit, anytime. Call us in advance and we will arrange to meet and greet you. At our open evenings, after an informative presentation explaining dentistry and facial aesthetics performed at Thurlow every day, the dentists are available to talk to and ask any questions. The Thurlow Team are happy to help you.

Innovative technology has made me smile 01-Jan-2015

Anne’s Story

"Since the age of thirteen, I had been wearing dentures. My teenage years and adult life had been blighted by embarrassment and a hatred of false teeth. Due to years of wearing a dental plate, I had lost several teeth. The denture movement caused friction, leading to abscesses and then loosing teeth. I lost my four front teeth eventually which was terrible for me and I’m sure anyone’s worst nightmare.

I heard about dental implants about 10 years ago and went to see a maxilo-facial surgeon who said I was an unsuitable candidate and also at that time, it was very expensive. Technology has moved forward and after doing some research on the internet, I went to an open evening at Thurlow, after seeing an advert in the local press. The evening was informative and I decided to have a consultation with Dr Justus Dirks.

Justus discussed what treatments he could offer. Several options were put to me, including implants. There was no hard sell. I had an informed choice throughout. I decided to go ahead with the implants and also had several large fillings restored, together with a few crowns. Any fears or apprehensions I may have had all disappeared, as Justus is very professional and I had complete confidence in his dental skills. Also, the atmosphere at the practice is very friendly, relaxed and clean.

Within a short time of commencing treatment, I did not have to wear a denture. I cannot begin to explain how this felt! The implants went ahead and I can honestly say after taking a few pain killers and antibiotics for a couple of days, everything healed well with no real discomfort. I had one fear - that my expectations may have been too high. It turned out not high enough! What a result! You will have to see to believe, no joins! I can’t thank Justus and his colleagues enough. My only regret is that I didn’t find Thurlow sooner."

You are welcome to visit Thurlow either at an open evening, or for an informal visit, anytime. Call us in advance and we will arrange to meet and greet you. At our open evenings, after an informative presentation explaining dentistry and facial aesthetics performed at Thurlow every day, the dentists are available to talk to and ask any questions. The Thurlow Team are happy to help you. 

Practice Manager short listed for prestigious award

The Thurlow team were excited to learn of their practice manager, Amy D’Arcy-Burt’s, success in becoming short listed for a career development grant. The British Dental Practice Manager Association launched a competition in partnership with Henry Schein, to learn of practice manager’s ideas for improvements to a patients experience, and innovations for the practice’s future. Amy also had to discuss personal development and future development within the role of Practice Manager. Having completed a Level 5 Diploma in Management, Amy’s next goal is to complete a BA Hons Degree in Professional Studies, raising the bar for British Practice Managers within dentistry. 

Thurlow were pleased to welcome their 10,000 patient, Anne Candy from Eastleigh. Anne was recommended to Thurlow though a friend and received a bottle of champagne in celebration of this milestone. Thurlow Dental and Facial Aesthetics were founded in March 2002 and have grown from a 1 surgery practice to 4 surgeries. 

Confidence to smile again with permanent tooth replacement 19-Mar-2010


Over the years my premolars drifted into the gap, this created gaps within my front teeth, which I became very self-conscious of. At 36, I decided to see an orthodontist. I wore braces for two years to close the gaps in my teeth. When I completed the treatment, my teeth had gone back to the original position exposing my original gap, which affected my confidence once again. My dentist gave me a one-tooth denture at the end of my treatment to keep the gap open so my teeth stayed in position. This felt very uncomfortable, like a piece of hard chewing gum.

I was so relieved when I came across Thurlow Dental Care, a local surgery. I had a free cosmetic consultation - I was just desperate to fill the gap. Dr Justus Dirks suggested an implant. I really didn’t realise how quick and easy it would be and I didn’t realise implantology was available on my doorstep! My previous dentist did not have cosmetic options available for me.

My implant appointment was an hour and it was a quick and easy process. I felt a slight vibration, no pain - it hurt more having my ears pierced! I went straight back to work after the treatment had been completed.

Dr Justus Dirks was very gentle. I felt he explained the whole process very clearly and I felt comfortable in my surroundings at Thurlow. I felt Justus was very approachable, making me feel relaxed and happy to proceed with the treatment. I didn’t worry at all. I was so very confident of the dentist and the implant process.

The after care at Thurlow was fantastic, Gilly the nurse was extremely tentative and even offered to hold my hand! I feel so much more confident in general when I’m talking and smiling. I won’t be going anywhere else - it’s spotless, so high-tech. It’s great!

Missing teeth can be replaced in one hour at Thurlow Dental Care using dental implants. Less than 5% of dentists in the UK provide dental implants, a dental concept, which has been applied for over 40 years.

Noblebioguide, revolutionary new software to enhance your dental implant experience, has been available since August 2005 and Thurlow Dental Care is one of a few practices in the South to offer this to patients.

The 3-dimensional software enables us to see important features such as bone quality and nerve ends, from this we make exact calculations to make your treatment more comfortable as a result. Treatment involves an initial consultation with the dentist followed by a CT scan; the CT scan is combined with the software to provide the 3-dimensional images of your bone and teeth structure. We can use the 3d images to design and manufacture your new teeth shaving weeks off your implant treatment. This safe and predictable treatment means no more gappy smiles of the daily chore of maintaining uncomfortable dentures.

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